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Awards and Recognition

Owl Awards

Every fall, RDRN gives the Owl Award to a member of the organization who has shown a long-time commitment to education about environmental issues, unsung support of the organization, and has worked to advance the objectives of the society.

2023: Dr. Sally Stuart

December 5, 2023/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2022: Susan van der Hoek

September 1, 2022/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2021: Doug Pedersen

September 1, 2021/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2020: Dorothy Murray

September 1, 2020/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2020: Dr. Sandy Murray

September 1, 2020/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2019: Ken and Linda Larsen

September 1, 2019/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2018: Bob Kruchten

September 1, 2018/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2017: Dorothy Hazlett

September 1, 2017/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2016: Phil French

September 1, 2016/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2015: Don Wales

September 1, 2015/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2014: Keith Kline

September 1, 2014/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2013: Tony Blake

September 1, 2013/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2012: Dorothy Dickson

September 1, 2012/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2011: Myrna Pearman

September 1, 2011/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2010: Judy Boyd

September 1, 2010/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2009: Bill Heinsen

September 1, 2009/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2008: Eileen Ford

September 1, 2008/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2007: Bertha Ford

September 1, 2007/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2006: Margaret Coutts

September 1, 2006/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2005: Jennifer O’Brien

September 1, 2005/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2004: Joan Hepburn

September 1, 2004/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2003: Rod Trentham

September 1, 2003/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2002: Maxine O’Riordan

September 1, 2002/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2001: Carol & Eldon Neufeld

September 1, 2001/by Red Deer River Naturalists

2000: Fred Schutz

September 1, 2000/by Red Deer River Naturalists

1999: Helen Harris

September 1, 1999/by Red Deer River Naturalists

RDRN Awards

Various organizations have recognized the work done by RDRN.

Buffalo Award

Buffalo Award

Received from the Alberta Stewards Association for long term work in habitat preservation.

Central Alberta Regional Science Fair certificate

Certificate of Appreciation

From Central Alberta Regional Science Fair for long time support.

Certificate of Appreciation

Received for helping to initiate and continuing to support the annual Red Deer River Clean-up.

Affiliate Award

Received from the Canadian Nature Federation for long time habitat stewardship, preservation and education.

Ducks Unlimited framed picture of a duck as a recognition award

Recognition Award

Received from Ducks Unlimited for assistance in habitat restoration.

Heritage Canada framed certificate award

Recognition Award

Received from Heritage Canada to recognize RDRN’s commitment to excellence in heritage preservation.

Emerald Award

Emerald Award

Received from the Province of Alberta to recognize 94 years of continuous effort to protect, preserve, and rehabilitate the environment.

Painting of 3 buildings from the Normandeau Society for appreciation

Recognition Award

Received from the Normandeau Society of Red Deer for being instrumental in the establishment of the Sanctuary, and their continued support.

Red Deer Heritage Recognition Award

On behalf of RDRN, Dorothy Dickson receives the 2007 Red Deer Heritage Recognition Award from Michael Dawe. Dorothy Dickson received the Red Deer City and County Heritage Recognition Award for the Innisfail Natural Area. The award is given for the preservation of our heritage. A long-time volunteer steward of the Innisfail Natural Area, Dorothy praised the City of Red Deer and County for giving this award to a natural rather than a man-made site for the first time. She noted how our natural heritage is being sacrificed for development and inappropriate forms of recreation.

The Innisfail Natural Area

Innisfail Natural Area, a quarter section of land located 6 kilometres east of the town, was owned for many ears by Mr. Lewis who pastured a few cattle and lived in a log cabin on the site. Upon his death in 1973, the land was purchased by the Province of Alberta for the purpose of wilderness conservation. The area’s designation as a natural area became official under the Wilderness Areas Act in 1981. The Red Deer River Naturalists acted as the unofficial stewards until 1987 when the Volunteer Steward Program was instituted. Today, the Innisfail Natural Area is a biodiverse preserve used by members of the public seeking an outdoor experience.

Appreciation plaque from Ellis Bird Farm

Appreciation Award

Ellis Bird Farm recognizes RDRN for long term support of their educational programs.

Among others, RDRN has contributed to Bug Jamboree, TV cameras and monitors, mulch for gardens, pier project, seed packages trials, native plant gardens, and water garden.