2010 Owl Award
Judy Boyd

Try this to describe this year’s winner of the Owl Award: Birds, birds, birds, birds, birds. Well, I’m sure most of you have figured it out by now. Of course, I refer to our friend Judy Boyd.

Judy is one of the hardest-working people we have.

She has been on the Board of RDRN for at least a decade serving as President, Secretary outlasting several Presidents, representative to the Federation of Alberta Naturalists, now called Nature Alberta, Chair of the 2006 Nature Canada/100th Anniversary of RDRN Conference, driving force for the Peregrine Falcon Web Cam Project, local coordinator and co-author of the Young Naturalists Project, coordinator of the Monday Birding Focus Group, room arranger for our monthly meetings at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre, and main author of the Central Alberta Birding Trail and has had her finger in far too many other projects than we can mention here.

For RDRN, Judy is truly a once-in-a-lifetime catch.

We appreciate what you do, and anticipate that you will be supporting the organization for at least another century.