2006 Owl Award
Margaret Coutts

If the definition of leader is “one who goes ahead or in advance,” Margaret certainly meets that standard.

For 10 years, the RDRN, the Federation of Alberta Naturalists, the Alberta Environmental Network and many other organizations have been privileged to have a leader in the person of Margaret Coutts. She worked diligently in Alberta and farther afield with naturalist groups as a champion of the environment. And equally important, she has been constant with her message that groups must form partnerships if they hope to have a strong voice for biodiversity and increased habitat preservation.

Due to Margaret’s efforts, the profile of RDRN and other organizations has been raised on local, provincial, and federal levels through her service on many committees, at conferences, and by individual consultations. Whether assuming an Executive Chair, acting as a director, or as supporter of a cause, she has raised the awareness of naturalist groups and the public on a variety of issues surrounding water, air, and land. RDRN is increasingly being asked for representation from the City, County and other groups and this is in no small part due to Margaret’s efforts.

During her term as President of RDRN from 1999 – 2002, Margaret saw to the formation of the very successful Bird and Flower Focus Groups.

  • She assisted with the reorganization of the Habitat Stewardship Group, and tirelessly wrote letters on behalf of RDRN.
  • She provided RDRN with the background materials that led to the creation of the Young Naturalists Program.
  • She represented RDRN on several Boards and organizations.
  • She served on the Heritage Ranch Management Committee, the South Saskatchewan River Basin Review, the Parkland Air Management Zone, the Federation of Alberta Naturalists, AWA, CPAWS, and the Normandeau Cultural and Natural History Board.