Donating to the Red Deer River Naturalists.

Gifts to the Red Deer River Naturalists are tax deductible; RDRN is registered with Canada Customs & Revenue Agency as a Charitable Agency. For further information regarding donations of cash or gifts in kind to the Red Deer River Naturalists talk to our President Tony Blake or you may also choose to use the following link to make your donation.

Here is the public information about us from the Canada Revenue Agency site:

Charity name: RED DEER RIVER NATURALISTS / 119112555RR0001

BN/Registration number: 119112555RR0001
Charity status: Registered
Effective date of status: 1974-01-01
Sanction:  None
Address: PO BOX 785
City: RED DEER Province, territory, outside of Canada: ALBERTA
Postal code/Zip code: T4N5H2
Charity type: Other purposes beneficial to the community
Category: Public Amenities


You are invited to join the Red Deer River Naturalists. Your fees will help to support our programs aimed at public education, environmental protection, and habitat preservation. Information gathered by RDRN about members is used solely for the maintenance of our mailing list and for contact with our members. RDRN never shares information about our members with any individuals or organizations.

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