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Please complete the following grant application form in its entirety and submit. Our committee will review and be in touch once the application has been reviewed, scored, and the decision on granting partial or full funding has been made by the board.

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RDRN seeks to:

1. Protect and restore nature to reverse the trend of biodiversity decline and to conserve Central Alberta’s natural heritage.
2. Connect people with nature to help build a commitment to life-long stewardship and nature conservation.
3. Build capacity and collective voice to encourage sustainable and ethical use of natural resources. 4. Lead, engage, train and empower local naturalists.
1. Describe how your project aligns with RDRN objectives, as outlined above. More details about RDRN Mission Statement, Goals and official Objectives can be found at https://rdrn.ca/about-us/
2. What are the long-term benefits of your project?
3. How will RDRN be recognized for its support?


Please attach your detailed budget to this application. Please note that RDRN will fund up to 75% of each project, to a maximum amount of $5,000.
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