Solar Power

The Red Deer River Naturalists raised the necessary funding for the first solar array on a public building in the City of Red Deer. Funding was raised by operating casinos.

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RDRN’s Solar Power installation at Kerry Wood Nature Centre. Copyright 2010 W. Heinsen.

This is the first section of the array, completed in May 2004. The array consists of 20 panels and is capable of generating 7 amps at 370 volts, sufficient power to cover the needs of the RDRN office and the KWNC library or 6% of the power use of the Nature Centre. This system is the first one to be interconnected with the grid system in Red Deer.
An expansion was installed in May 2006.

There are millions of websites devoted to solar power. You can easily access them from your browser buy typing “solar power.” Here are a few. While RDRN cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the information they are included as some sources.

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Greensaver Toronto (home energy)
Electricity Choices (buying green energy)
Green Power in Toronto & Ontario (Toronto Environmental Alliance)
Solar Electric Power Association (Based in Washington, USA)