Other Programs

Over the past several years, RDRN has conducted and/or funded projects at other venues with aims that correlate with ours. Some those include:

Kerry Wood Nature Centre

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Solar Power: RDRN purchased solar panels for installation on the roof of the Nature Centre. The array has since been expanded.

Common Alberta trees: Originally they were planted to provide members of the Young Naturalists Club a place to inspect trees. Most are located in the grasslands south of the staff parking lot.

Native Plant Garden: We are indebted to the Red Deer Garden Club for maintaining this garden. It is located to the south of the main doors of the Kerry Wood Nature Centre.

Ellis Bird Farm:

ellie bird farm tv donation

Butterfly Garden


RDRN has donated and placed large screen TV’s at the bird farm to facilitate their education program. The screens allow visitors to look inside the nest boxes.

RDRN donated funds to help create the gardens to be found at the Ellis Bird Farm.

RDRN supplied funding for a “Seed Packet Experiment.” Ever wonder about those seed packets you see in stores. For information, please Click here.

Medicine River Wildlife Centre:


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alberta wildlife rehabilitators association

Habitat Preservation: RDRN has contributed funding towards the purchase of land for wildlife habitat.

RDRN donated large screen TV’s to MRWC so visitors can look behind the scenes at the action in the hospital.

RDRN contributed the start-up funds for the Alberta Wildlife Rehabilitators Wildlife Help Line of which the Medicine River Wildlife Centre is a member.

logoRethink Red Deer: RDRN provided funding and support for:

1. Start-up funding for Rethink Red Deer
2. Acted as a partner with Rethink Red Deer for a Naturescaping conference.
3. Acted in partnership with Rethink Red Deer for the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association Conference: Five Dimensions of a Sustainable Community.