Insect Focus Group

The Insect Focus Group temporarily replaces the Flower Focus Group at least for the remainder of 2018. We meet every third Wednesday of the month in the Theatre of the Kerry Wood Nature Center between 10:00 a.m. and Noon.  Check coming events for itineraries. Sessions in the spring and fall months may involve field trips so, as with the bird focus group, dress for the weather.  Please contact Don at 403 343-2937 or email at for more information.

Coming events:

March 21, 2018   Introduction to the Insects and a look at Primitive Insect Orders

April 18, 2018   The Orthopteroid Complex – grasshoppers, praying mantis, etc. and the true bugs

May 16, 2018   Nerve wing Insects and Lepidoptera – moths and butterflies

June 20, 2018   Diptera – the flies and a field trip

September 19, 2018   TBA

October 17, 2018   Coleoptera – the beetles

November 21, 2018   Hymenoptera – bees and wasps