At each Red Deer River Naturalists Speaker night we invite an expert in natural history or conservation to make a presentation and answer questions. This has been going on since 1973 and our list of presenters and topics is truly impressive!

Year Month Speaker Topic
1973 Feb Dr. Craighead Grizzly Bears in Yellowstone
1973 Mar David Spalding FAN and its Activities
1973 Apr G. Fabris, E. Neufeld, F. Schutz Grouse
1981 Jan Bary and Linda Parrington Paddling the Coppermine River
1981 Feb Norah Lane Bluebirds
1981 Mar Harvey Suckmaster Perception of Beauty in Banff National Park
1981 Apr Brian Peters Old Kingdom of the Tibetan Plateau
1981 Sep David Spalding The Buffalo’s Grandfather
1981 Oct Bryan Shantz Beauties of Nature in Western Canada
1981 Nov George Brybicin Beauties of Nature in Western Canada
1982 Jan Earl Stamm Look at Habitat
1982 Mar Faye Hallet Northern Canada Canoe Trip
1982 Apr Jim Posey Native Flowers of Alberta
1982 Oct Vivian Pharis Willmore Wolderness
1983 Feb Glen Pearson Bird Photography
1983 Mar Bill Glasgow Breeding Biology of Canada Geese at Dowling Lake
1984 Mar Mike McIvor Photo Journey of the Rocky Mountains
1984 Sep John Gunson Wolves
1984 Oct David Cooper Role of the Media in Bringing Scientific Information to the Public
1984 Nov Alan Yuill Nestbox Alberta Program
1985 Sep Jim Butler Study of Birdwatchers at Point Pelee
1986 Feb Rob McIntosh What you Can Do…..
1986 Mar Dick Dekker North American Predators
1986 Apr George Scotter Northern Parks
1988 Sep Ben Gadd Grizzlies Need Friends Too
1988 Oct Miles Scott Threatened and Endangered Species in Southern Alberta
1988 Nov Grant Moir Red Deer’s Mosquito Control Program
1989 Mar Kevin Van Tighem Ways of Seeing Rivers
1989 Apr Betty Speirs Fossils
1989 Sep Ralph Klein Minister of the Environment
1990 Mar Ed Struzik Natural and Human History of Banks Island
1990 Apr Robert Barclay Bat, Bats, Bats
1990 Oct Glen Hvenegaard The Florida Everglades
1990 Nov CPAWS Alberta’s Natural Areas
1991 Feb Becky Sjare Taps, Knocks and Bells (Arctic marine biology)
1991 Mar Phil Carson and Julie Austin May the Forest Be With You
1991 Apr Robert Leech Spiders of the World
1991 Sep Kenneth Eaglespeaker Blackfoot Bison Hunting Culture
1991 Nov Charlie Bird Natural History of the Buffalo Lakes Area
1992 Feb Bruce Turner Ducks and Geese in Alberta
1992 Mar Gary Fabris Earthwatch Expeditions: Not Your Average Holoday
1992 Apr Brian Reeves Crown of the Continent: Ecosystems Know no Borders
1992 Sep Brian Keeting Wild Elephants of Africa
1992 Oct Gail Michener Sex and the Single Squirrel: Mating Habits of Richardson’s Ground Squirrel
1992 Nov Jenny Feich, Chris Junk Islands of Mystery (Queen Charolette Islands)
1993 Feb Dand and Gwen Woos Habitat of Burrowing Owls
1993 Mar David Bethel Reptiles and Rain Forests
1993 Apr Bob Danielson Roles of Mushroom-Forming Fungi in Alberta Forests
1993 Sep Lu Carbyn Return of the Swift Foxes
1993 Oct Lawrence Harder Not Just Another Pretty Face: The Function of Flowers
1993 Nov Dwayne Smith, Colleen Biggs, Alan Hall Sustainable Agriculture
1994 Feb Marilyn Pottage Alberta’s Forests, Wetlands and Special Places
1994 Mar Loney Dickson Shorebird Conservation and Identification
1994 Apr Don Beers World of Lake Louise
1994 Sep Jim Butler The Failure of Ecotourism
1994 Oct Peter Sherrington Highway of the Eagles
1994 Nov Patricia Mitchell Ecology of Alberta Lakes
1995 Feb Mike Gibeau Large Carnivores of the Southern Rockies
1995 Mar John Acorn Butterfly Watching in Alberta
1995 Apr Elisabeth Beaubein Alpine Wildflowers: Timepieces of Nature
1995 Sep Brian Keating Alpine HighLIfe
1995 Oct
1995 Nov Ron Bjorge Return of the Peregrine to the Red Deer River Valley
1996 Feb Don Wales Honey Possums of Australia
1996 Mar Mel Lungle Rethinking Environmentalism – Do We Need the Perfect Banana?
1996 Apr Don Beers Jasper – Robson: A Taste of Heaven
1996 Sep George Newton Castle Wilderness: Last Jewel in the Crown
1996 Oct Richard Roth Communities and Wildlife in Africa: Conflict or Compromise
1996 Nov Curtis Stobeck DNA Fingerprinting: Willife Applications
1997 Feb Dorothy Hill Parental Care by Male Chestnut-collared Longspurs
1997 Mar Tracy Tarves Isolation at Macquarie Island
1997 Apr Grant Moir Biodiversity Through Habitat Preservation
1997 Sep Terry Thormin Collecting Insects in Tropical America
1997 Oct
1997 Nov Tery Neraasen The Alberta Conservation Association
1998 Feb Lisa Takats Croaks and Trills: Introduction to Alberta Amphibian Ecology and Studies
1998 Mar Ian Corn Forest Ecosystems
1998 Apr Gilbert Proulx Weasels and “Moles”
1998 Sep Ben Gadd Wonder of the Rockies
1998 Oct Vivian Pharis Bighorn Wildland: The Gentle Giant
1998 Nov Brenda Dale Calling all Birders
1991 Feb Ray Allen Wildlife in East Africa
1999 Mar David Dickson Fifty Years of Natural History Photography
1999 Apr Bruce Drysdale Bears and Belugas
1999 Sep Clio Smeeton Return of the Swift Foxes to the Canadian Prairies
1999 Oct Richard Thomas Alberta’s Neotropical Migratory Birds
1999 Nov Peter Hoven Organic Farming, the Environment and the Family Farm
2000 Feb Kim Burley Water Quality Studies in Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary
2000 Mar Ed Karpuk, Terry Krause Landscapes and Integrated Management Plan of the Red Deer River Valley
2000 Apr Rob Langair To the Nearest Approximation, All Animals are Insects
2000 Sep John Acorn The Nature Nut
2000 Oct Lorne Fitch Cows and Fish Program
2000 Nov Carol Kelly Medicine River Wildlife Centre
2001 Feb Margo Pybus Animals Commonly Living in the Landscapes of Alberta
2001 Mar Myrna Pearman, Ted Pike NatureScape Alberta, Creating and Caring for Wildlife Habitat at Home
2001 Apr Lorna Allen Assessing Protected Area Significance
2001 Sep Kevin Van Tighem Sharp Teeth in Cattle Country: Grizzley Bears in Southwestern Alberta
2001 Oct Dave Mayhood Conserving Lakes, Streams and Springs of the Rocky Mountain East Slopes
2001 Nov Jul Wojnowski Bird Monitoring at Canada’a Northernmost Observatory
2002 Feb Page Burt Arctic Plants: Adaptaion to Life at the Edge
2002 Mar Susan Hannon A Bird’s Eye View of Boreal Forest Fragmentation in Alberta
2002 Apr Elisabeth Beaubien Spring Wildflowers: the Fun of Plantwatching
2002 Sep Chris Fisher Having Some Fun With Nature
2002 Oct Lu Carbyn Wolf Predation in North America
2002 Nov Jin Lange Raptors of Alberta: Identification for Beginners
2003 Feb Robert Groeneveld, Tamaini Snaith Watershed of the Rockies
2003 Mar Gail Michener Upstairs: Downstairs: Year in the Life of Richardson’s Ground Squirrels
2003 Apr Chris Ford Return of the Native: How Wild Flowers can Make You a Better Gardener
2003 Sep Fred Schutz Half a Century of Enchanting Observations on the Blindman River
2003 Oct Suzanne Bayley Water Quality, Development and Climate
2003 Nov Mark Hebblewhite Ecology and Conservation of Wolves and Elk in the Eastern Slopes of Alberta
2004 Feb Lisa Priestley Barred Owls in Alberta and Implications for National and Provincial Volunteeer Owl Monitoring Programs
2004 Mar Doug Collister Monitoring Neotropical Migrant Bird in Canada and Costa Rica
2004 Apr Leslie Main Johnson Learning About the Land: Ethnobotanical Research with First Nations
2004 Sep Peter Sherrington That Which Hath Wings Shall Tell the Matter: Learning From Eagles
2004 Oct Kelly Cooley Eco-terrorists: Invasive Plants Terroize Alberta Ecology
2004 Nov Brian Van Hezewijk Plant Cells: Cozy Little Homes or Life-long Prisons”
2005 Feb Brad Stelfox Alberta’s Boreal Forest: A Landscape in Transistion.
2005 Mar Stan Boutin Woodland Caribou in Alberta: Are They Doomed?
2005 Apr Kris Kendell Celebrating Alberta’s Amphibians
2005 Sep Robert Barclay Beauty and Biology in the Deserts of Southern Africa
2005 Oct Cheryl Chetiewicz Habitat Selection and Movement Patterns of Cougars
2005 Nov Mary Griffiths Coalbed Methane: Where is it Going and What can We do About it?
2006 Feb Terry Krause, Dawn Carr Taking Inventory of our Parks Through Science and Research
2006 Mar Steven Hrudy From Walkerton to Kashechewan
2006 Apr Cherry Dodd Grow Wild! Growing Native Plants in Your Yard
2006 Sep Stuart Houston HBS Naturalists, Turkey Vulture Tagging
2006 Oct Sophie Czetwertynski Effects of Industrial Access and Hunting on the Behaviour and Demographics of Black Bears
2006 Nov Wes Olson A Photographic Journey Through Bison Society
2007 Feb Gordon Court Owls, Owlers and Owling in Alberta
2007 Mar Naomi and David Delafield Voyage to the Bay
2007 Apr Jen Beverly Prescribed Burning and the Use of Fire
2007 Sep Phil French Red Deer River Journey
2007 Oct Lu Piening Mushrooms of Alberta
2007 Nov Don Wales Paddling the Arctic
2008 Feb Meet the Species Meet the Species
2008 Mar Vance Buchwald Fish and Riparian Health
2008 Apr Gerald Romanchuk Hangin’ Out With Hawk Owls
2008 Sep John Acorn Alberta Ladybugs: Alien Invasion or Benign Ecological Reshuffling?
2008 Oct Andrew Derocher Polar Bears in a Changing Climate
2008 Nov Cathy Gill Animal Crossings in Banff National Park
2009 Feb Meet the Species
2009 Mar Jim Potter Cavity-Nesting Waterfowl Nestbox Program
2009 Apr Carol Kelly Judy Boyd Are You My Mother? Fostering Wild Orphans to Wild Families
2009 Sep Ken Fry Winging It: Trials and Tribulations of Dating in the Insect World
2009 Oct Steve Herrero Discoveries About Bears
2009 Nov Glynnis Hood How Beavers Fought the Drought and Won
2010 Feb Gabby and Seth Yates The Lynx Cycle
2010 Mar Carol Patterson Ecotourism: From Costa Rica to Central Alberta
2010 Apr Andrew Nikiforuk Reforming Alberta’s Careless Petre Stae
2010 May Gordon Court Return of the Peregrine: Management and Recovery of the Peregrine Falcon in Western Canada
2010 Sep Ed Struzik This Hour Has 55 Million Years
2010 Oct Joyce Gould Willmore Wilderness Park
2010 Nov Dave Prescott Species at Risk in Alberta
2011 Feb Lisa and Chuck Priestly Owls in Alberta/Important Bird Areas
2011 Mar Phil French Inside the Box
2011 Apr Erin Bayne Silent Boreal Fores
2011 Sep Ben Gadd Icefield Bunnies, Gulible Bees, and Why the Tallest Mountain Isn’t
2011 Oct Wayne Nelson Turkey Vultures in East Central Alberta
2011 Nov Robert Longair Hunting the Elusive Elephant Wasp
2012 Feb Collen McPhee Nature Conservancy of Canada
2012 Mar Andrew Nikiforuk Empire of the Beetle
2012 Apr Erin Cameron Ecosystem Engineer invades the Boreal Forest
2012 Sep Al Batt
2012 Oct James Glacier Ants of Alberta
2012 Nov Kerry Nugent Invasion of the Trout Snatchers
2012 Dec Glen Chilton Attack of the Killer Rhododendrons
2013 Feb Geoff Holroyd The Decline of Burrowing Owls is not a Mexican problem
2013 Mar Dr. James Cahill Behaviour in Plants
2013 Apr Kevin Van Tighem Grizzlies and the Headwaters
2013 Sep Jerry Haigh Moose
2013 Oct Kevin Van Tighem The Homeward Wolf
2013 Nov Mirjam Barrueto Wolverines…shrinking spaces for a wilderness wanderer
2014 Feb Linda and Peter Kershaw The Proposed CANOL Heritage Trail, Northwest Territories: a wilderness backpacking experience with a twist
2014 Mar Dr. Jocelyn Hudon Project Sapsucker: a window into an overlooked hybrid zone in Western Alberta
2014 Apr Jason Unger A Seismic Legacy: Public Land Management Policies in Alberta
2014 Sept Gerald Romanchuk Chasing 200 (bird species)
2014 Oct David Coltman Using DNA to study the ecology, conservation and management of Alberta Wildlife
2014 Nov Dorothy Hill had to cancel because of weather
2015 Jan. Dorothy Hill The Evolution of Parental Care in birds
2015 Feb Elyse Williams The Alberta Biodiveristy Monitoring Institute: Monitoring the status and trends of biodiversity and human footprint
2015 Mar Don Wales Diversity Contrasts: Iceland and Greenland
2015 Apr Alexandria Farmer Bees
2015 May Gordon Court Falconry and Owls
2015 Sept Myrna Pearman Inspiration of Bluebirds
2015 Oct Dr. Heather Proctor The Mighty Mites
2015 Nov Dr. Lu Carbyn 100 Years in the life of a Central Alberta Forest
2016 Feb Corey Scobie From Burrowing Owls to Passenger Pigeon: Tales from a Conservation Biologist Turned Museum Curator
2016 Mar Sally Stuart Sonograms
2016 Apr Ian Wilson & Jacinthe Lavoie Wildflowers of Banff
2016 Sept Michael Dawe Preservation of a Green and Pleasant Land (Banquet)
2016 Oct Gilbert Proulx Do Predator Bounties Work?
2016 Nov Brianna Lorentz Winter Muskrats
2017 Feb Kathreen Ruckstuhl Of Bighorn Sheep and Research
2017 Mar Cory Olson Our Backyard Bat and the Emerging Role of Community-led Conservation
2017 April Ian Wilson & Jacinthe Lavoie Waterton Wild
2017 Sept Janine Higgins Battling Aquatic Invaders
2017 Oct Lu Carbyn Encounters with wolves and swift fox (Banquet)
2017 Nov Bradley Peters Alberta Lake Management
2018 Feb Elly Knight Birds of the Unknown: Ecology & Conservation of Nightjars in Canada
2018 Mar Phil Currie Current Research on Alberta Dinosaurs at the U of A
2018 April Wes Olson The Ecological Bison
2018 Sept Sandra MacDougall Why did the deer cross the road?
2018 Oct. Dr. David M.Bird Feathering One’s Nest (cosponsored by EBF, KWNC and RDRN)
2018 Oct Dr, Dale Leckie Rocks (Banquet)
2018 Nov Mirjam Barrueto The Bigger the Better: Large Landscape Wolverine Research in Southern Alberta and BC
2019 Feb Dr. Fabien Mavrot Monitoring  Health in a Decling Muskox Population: Challenges and Solutions in the Remote Artic
2019 Mar Susanne Mainment Natural History of Hummingbirds and how to band them
2019 Apr Dr. Natalia Lifshitz Tree Swallows – Feathers and Pollution SPEAKER NOT AVAILABLE
2019 Apr Carol Kelly & Judy Boyd & Otis the Owl Medicine River Wildlife Centre Update on new Building
2019 Sep Zach Dempsey Phylogeography of the Terrestrial Mountain Land Snail, Oreohelix
2019 Oct Dr. Sandra Black Narwhal: In a Time of Change (Banquet)
2019 Nov Dr Natalia Lifshitz Tree Swallows – Feathers and Pollution
2020 Feb Dr. Andrew Derocher Trouble at the Top: Polar Bears in a Warming Arctic co-sponsored Red Deer College held at the College Room 2602
2020 Mar April Martinig Going the Distance: The local vacancy game and how it changes dispersal of Red Squirrel CANCELLED
2020 Oct April Martinig Going the Distance: The local vacancy game and how it changes dispersal of Red Squirrel – Virtual Zoom Meeting
2020 Nov Dr. Russell Martel Cascading Ecological Effects of Sea Otter reintroduction and kelp forest recovery – Virtual Zoom Meeting
2021 Feb Dr. Randy Arsenault 25 Years in Africa: Ecology, Music and Education – Virtual Zoom Meeting
2021 Mar Zach Dempsey The Lancet Liver Fluke, Invasive Parasite – Virtual Zoom meeting
2021 Apr Dr. Robert Barclay Bats Are Amazing – but are facing several conservation challenges – Virtual Zoom Meeting
2021 Sep Dr. Heather Addy Fungi in the environment: from decomposition to the “wood-wide web” – Virtual Zoom Meeting
2021 Oct Dr. Dale Leckie The Scenic Geology of Alberta – Virutal Zoom Meeting
2021 Nov Myrna Pearman Beauty Everywhere – Celebrating Nature in our own Backyards – Virtual Zoom Meeting
2022 Feb Dr. Emily Studd Is something screaming? Uncovering the secret lives of boreal mammals with technology – Virtual Zoom Meeting
2022 Mar Dr. Erin Bayne The Beauty of Bird Song: How and why birds sing and how sound is being used to make better conservation decisions – Virtual Zoom Meeting
2022 Apr Dr. Gabriela Ibarguchi Arctic Seabirds as Sentinels of Change – Virtual Zoom Meeting
2022 Sep Graeme Gissing & Dr. Natalia Lifshitz Nature Central: Celebrating our Wild Alberta Parklands
2022 Oct Dr. Ken Fry Pollination and Climate Change: What are the impacts and what can we do about it?
2022 Nov Danika Schramm The Birds and The Genes: How events of the past and present shape the genetics of bird populations