Our Vision, Mission and Values



Central Albertans’ respect, value and protect the natural environment.


Involve Citizens through education and opportunities that engage them to appreciate and defend biodiversity,

ecological integrity and environmental stewardship in central Alberta.


Ecological knowledge: We work with the knowledge, practices and beliefs regarding ecological
relationships that Naturalists gain. We acknowledge traditional and Indigenous wisdom, science, and
extensive personal observation of and interaction with local ecosystems.
Environmental Literacy: we inform Citizens’ understanding, skills and motivation to make
responsible decisions that consider their relationships to natural systems, communities and future
Integrity: We share science and fact-based credible information on important issues of conservation
and environmental policy.
Naturalists (professional and citizen): all Naturalists have the common goal of sharing their
knowledge of the environment to preserve natural history. We believe that Naturalists offer an
enthusiastic interest in nature that makes them the best of teachers and enables them to bridge the
gap from the sciences to the non-scientific public.
Nature: we connect Citizens to nature in ways that inspire appreciation for the intrinsic value of nature

and promote the enjoyment of nature and natural history of our area.